An aspiring polymath with a strong interest in software engineering and entrepreneurship. I will only stop learning to attend my own funeral. Over the years, I've exposed myself to building products and engineering capabilities for companies at diverse stages, from early-staged to hyper-growing startups to MNCs. Hit me up if you want a winner in your team, be it to build a successful product or to best serve your customers. Winning is in my blood, and quite literally, my surname.
I am blessed to receive my education from:

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)

May 2015 - Aug 2018

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Information System Technology and Design), Magna Cum Laude

High School for Gifted Students, Hanoi Pedagogical University
High School

Sep 2011 - May 2014

  • Vietnam High School Baccalaureate
  • Merit Scholarship Holder


As a devotee of a better world by software, I constantly strive to improve my life or others' by means of software.


JavaScript Nodejs MongoDB

A platform for renters to find information about their potential landlords from peers and give reviews about past landlords. An attempt to give renters in Singapore a voice to counter-balance the current systemic power imbalance relationship between landlords and renters.
Check it out https://ismylandlordnice.com

Is my landlord nice application


Go JavaScript Docker MongoDB

Meme-as-a-service 🌚 Using memes as placeholders for development / design projects with https://img.randme.me. Or just binge on memes with https://randme.me.

Rand(meme) web application

Mindmaker Bot

Go Docker BoltDB Telegram Bot API

A bot that helps with making up your minds, a helpful partner for all of your indecisive pals, and the ultimate solution to tedious everyday decisions with insignificant impact. It can also entertain you with dad jokes 🙃.
Start chatting with it here.

Mindmaker Telegram chat bot

Accessible PayLah!

Javascript React Native

Revised application UI of DBS PayLah! app with the visually handicapped target audience in mind while maintaining the usability for the general sighted users.
Ever since its release in Singapore, PayLah has been very well received by smartphone users with DBS bank account in Singapore. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, PayLah used to have a bad reputation among the blind smartphone user group. The initial release of the app was not making good use (or any at all) of accessibility features on smartphones, in turn rendering itself unusable for the blind users no matter how potentially useful the app can be for such user group. Even though there has been a lot of improvements in terms of accessibility for PayLah, we feel that it can be done better with more fine-grained touches on the accessibility aspects of UI elements.

Home page for accessible Paylah app Add payee page for accessible Paylah app Pay page for accessible Paylah app Confirm transaction page for accessible Paylah app

Project Happy

Javascript ES6 React Redux

This project is aimed to provide a helping hand to special-need teachers at Very Special Art by means of a web application.
One way to calm autistic children is letting them watch Youtube videos. However, this poses another problem of the child get carried away and the teacher not being able to stop them from watching to move on to other activities.
This web application is a Youtube video streamer with an integrated timer that allows teachers to set maximum time for the children to watch. The video will be followed by visual instruction for the child to move on to other activities.

Project Happy user interface

Huat Greetings Wall

Javascript Nodejs MongoDB

Interactive Wall for Chinatown New Year Festival 2017. This is part of SUTD contribution to Chinatown for Chinese New Year 2017. Passer-by of the "Huat Greetings Wall" (giant LED display on Garden Bridge) can send in well-wishes from Chinatown Festival Website. The wishes will then be screened on the Interactive Wall in form of lanterns floating up to the sky.
We are honored to have the chance to present this project to Singapore President Tony Tan.

Huat Greetings Wall in action with floating digital lanterns

Telegram Scheduler Bot

Javascript Nodejs MongoDB Telegram Bot API

This bot is created with the purpose of making tasks list for myself, as a simpler alternative to normal scheduling applications that are overly complicated. This bot can generate a taskboard for every chat that it joins (both private and group chat). It knows a lot of Chuck Norris facts as well, in case you are bored 😁
Start chatting with it here.

Scheduler Telegram chat bot


Java Android

This is a travel app that help Singapore tourists plan efficient itineraries, locate popular attractions like Sentosa, and manage their trip expenses.

Xplorer App home page Xplorer App attractions locator screen Xplorer App itinerary planner screen Xplorer App expenses manager screen

Grumpy No More

Python Kivy Firebase

This projects is aimed to improve the process of feeding cats (or any pets) to a more efficient manner and healthier for the pets, and to help the pets caretakers to manage the pets' diet and health.

Grumpy No More App login screen Grumpy No More App user profile screen Grumpy No More App dispensers manager screen Grumpy No More App dispenser details screen


Chief Executive Officer

Feb 2021 - Present

Business Development Management
  • Gathered a team of builders (tech + art + community) to deliver blockchain, web3, and NFTs products and experience for brands and creators.
  • Need help with launching NFTs or Blockchain projects? Hit us up 🚀

Open Government Products, GovTech Singapore
Senior Software Engineer

Jan 2022 - Present

Node Docker
  • Communication and Healthcare Products.

Product Manager, Experiments

Jun 2021 - Jan 2022

Product Management
  • Worked with customers to identify and prioritise features for card issuing API.

Staff Software Engineer, Experiments

May 2021 - Jan 2022

Go Node Docker k8s
  • Led team of 4 to deliver experiments on card issuing API.
  • Architected solutions for enterprise customers like AWS using existing the experimental card issuing product.

Senior Software Engineer, API

Dec 2019 - Jun 2021

Go Node Docker k8s
  • API Experience, Security, Reliability, Performance and Scalability

Visa Inc.
Software Engineer, Global Dispute Processing

Sep 2018 - Nov 2019

Java React
  • Contributed to functional enhancement and maintenance of Visa Resolve Online application
  • Managed and remediated security vulnerabilities in Visa Resolve Online application
  • Organised and hosted tech/non-tech events at Visa

Visa Inc.
Intern, Network Processing

May 2017 - July 2017

Nodejs React MySQL
  • Developed a web application to manage, execute, analyze test cases for Visa Resolve Online application
  • Replaced HP ALM with a more user-friendly, faster interface, while saving thousands in monthly licensing fee at the same time

Frontend Engineer

Jan 2017 - Aug 2018

  • Developed the an user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface for our web application
  • Proposed and managed the architecture of our frontend application

System Architect

Sep 2016 - Jan 2018

Nodejs React MongoDB Heroku
  • Developed from ground up the web platform for customers (beverage brands) to manage their recipes remotely
  • Architected back-end server for usage from our clients' outlets
  • Designed user-friendly interface for our clients' staffs to smoothly transition from emailing Excel records of recipes to instant updating of recipes on our portal

Product Development Intern

May 2016 - Aug 2016

Nodejs React MongoDB Heroku Agile Development
  • Developed Customer Support FAQs management system web application for consistent and centralized management
  • Developed proof-of-concept for isomorphic application proposal by development team to our CEO
  • Conducted user experiments and contributed to features initiatives and designs for mobile UI design
  • Managed experimental projects by carrying out Agile Development practices


Jan 2016 - Jun 2016

  • Founded the company which aims at influencing people recycling habits and assisting recycling process through a network of technology integrated recycling bins that interact with users
  • Architected the initial data system and designed the product’s user interactions and experience
  • Won third place in SMU-SUTD’s Create4Good Challenge, amounted to $30,000


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